Selected Resources

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Leadership Tools

Blueprint for Men’s Ministry Core Group. Gospel Publishing House: Springfield, MO, 2007. 

Focusing your Men’s Ministry: A Strategy for Layleaders and Pastors. Pete Richardson, Promise Keepers: Boulder, CO, 1993. 

How to Build a Life Changing Men’s Ministry: Bringing the Fire Home to Your Church. Steve Sonderman, Bethany House, Minneapolis, 1996

How to Build a Life Changing Men’s Ministry: Bringing the Fire Home to Your Church (video series). Top Gun Ministries. Cost of series is $55.00, 10 sessions.

Effective Men's Ministry. Patrick M. Morley and Phil Downer, Editors. (Zondervan: Grand Rapids, 2001). 

Men's Ministry in the 21st Century: The Encyclopedia of Practical Ideas, Multiple Authors, Group Publishing: Loveland, CO, 2004.


The Framework for Men

Click here for an article considering the framework for men's ministry

Building a Ministry to Men in the Local Church

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Ministry to men must provide a variety of entry points that make it easy for a man to get involved. This strategy works because men in our churches are in different seasons of life and have different interests. The level of involvement will depend on the man's interest in spiritual things, his readiness, and the time that he has available.


The Framework for Men's Ministry

Know the Essentials

The Framework for Men's Ministry. This article outlines the biblical model for making disciples, applies the biblical model for men's ministry, defines ministry to men, gives pointers on planning for momentum (particularly in smaller churches), and addresses ministering through men.


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