Why Hold Men's Breakfasts

“Everybody” does men’s breakfasts. In fact, when asking about men’s ministry in churches, most leaders point to men’s breakfasts. In reality, men’s breakfasts are entry points into a men’s ministry, not the sole component of a men’s ministry.

Think about it: What is the benefit in doing men’s breakfasts? What is the next step in moving men along in their spiritual growth? Consider where your men are. Some may need encouragement to become a part of the group. Others may need encouragement to become a band of brothers growing together in the Lord. Why do you do men’s breakfasts? Here are two approaches to men’s breakfasts.

1.  Men’s Breakfasts for Creating Momentum.

  • Purpose.  This type of breakfast focuses on fellowship and relationship building. These breakfasts can also be used to launch a men’s ministry program or a service ministry.
  • Entry Point. Plan these events for men who may not participate in more spiritually focused activities. You know, the guys who are satisfied just warming the pew on Sunday.  Keep the spiritual content low key.
  • Program. Why should men attend a men’s breakfast? Since men are generally not relationally oriented, holding a breakfast just for the sake of building relationships may not be sufficient to get men out. There needs to be something besides food to get the men out. Here are several suggestions:


  • A Starting Point. Plan your breakfasts around things that interest your men such as a speaker from a sporting goods store, a sportsman or craftsman. It would be nice if the speaker was a believer and could share his testimony during his presentation.

  • Outside Speakers. There are many para-church organizations looking for opportunities to spread the word about their ministries. Speakers from these organizations will help your men understand the role of para-church groups. Consider the following sources:
  • Christian Business Men’s Committee (CBMC)
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Campus Crusade
  • Intervarsity
  • Navigators
  • Salvation Army
  • Young Life




Honorariums/Donations: Use care in soliciting outside speakers. Some organizations may use the opportunity to ask for donations. You may want to consider an honorarium in lieu of a donation. Check with your pastor and governing board for your church’s policy. It will keep you, your speaker and your governing board on good terms.

  • Testimonies. “Creating momentum” breakfasts are an excellent opportunity for your men to prepare and present their personal testimonies (suggest 20 minutes). Testimonies will help your men get to know one another at a deeper level than “Where do you work?” or “How many children do you have?”

  • Caution. Watch attendance at these breakfasts. The intent is to draw men into deeper relationships and prepare them for more spiritually oriented events. If attendance begins to fall off, look for ways to add variety. Keep your finger on the pulse of your men.




2.  Men’s Breakfasts for Capturing Momentum.

  • Purpose. The second type of men’s breakfast builds on the fellowship and relationships that have developed during creating momentum events. However, these breakfasts have a definite spiritual component. The purpose is to encourage men in their spiritual growth.


  • Entry Point. You will need to consider where your men are in their spiritual walk or the struggles that they may have. The goal here is to engage men who desire a closer walk with the Lord.


  • Program


  •  Use a biblically based study, or
  • Use a study book that focuses on character or other male issues
  • Rotate the leadership of the study among your men, or
  • See if your pastor would like to lead a study
  • Bring in speakers who can share about living the Christian life in the marketplace




  • The Next Step. This type of breakfast should prepare men to move into a men’s small group or one-on-one discipling (sustaining momentum activities). The goal is to encourage men to seek an open and honest environment in order to build up one another for service and ministry.



Location. The church is a good place to hold your breakfasts. The breakfast does not have to be fancy. Ask for volunteers to cook. This is the least expensive way and one that builds camaraderie among the men in the process. Have the men throw a couple of dollars into a basket to cover the cost. As an alternative, you may want to consider breakfast at a restaurant that has a separate room for privacy.

Frequency. How often should we do a men’s breakfast? Monthly? Quarterly? The answer depends on the resources available to organize and carry out the breakfasts. It may depend on how many other activities you have on the church calendar in which you expect the men to participate. Can you sustain a monthly breakfast? Do not over do it or your men will lose interest.

Why does it have to be a breakfast?

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