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Jesus' Approach to DisciplemakingEarly Ministry: Jesus had already begun His public ministry when He called His disciples. The disciples accompanied Him, getting to know Him and listening as He taught the multitudes. It was a time of building relationships. During this period of his ministry, Jesus prepared His disciples for life. Read more... 

Discipling the Next Generation of LeadersWhat do pastors say are the qualities they desire to see in men?  Click here to find out.

Disciple Makers. Who are the Disciple Makers?  What are their qualities?  Clickhereto find out.

One-on-One Disciplemaking. The purpose of men's ministry is to move men from the bleachers onto the playing field through building relationships, encouragement, and discipling. The most effective means of discipling men is in a male only environment. This can be in a large group, a small group or a one-on-one relationship. This article focuses on the one-on-one relationship.

Steps to Moving Men from the Pew into Ministry. An interview with a pastor who has an intentional process for moving men from the community, into ono-on-one discipling, small groups and equipping for leadership.

Discipleship 101: What is a Disciple? An introduction to disciplemaking begins with an understanding of what it means to be a disciple (Part I).Next is understanding the biblical model for making a disciple (Part II) These articles are taken from the first in a series of workshops presented by the Southern District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Disciplemaking Committee.

The Importance of being Intentional in Disciplemaking. You've probably seen a scenario like this at your church or a church you are familiar with: Jeff was an up and coming professional in town. Married with three young kids, he had grown up in church and still attended almost every week with his family. His wife was involved in a women's Bible Study, and he occasionally played basketball with some men from the church. All that was fine until he was alone one day with an ... Read more.

A Disciplemaking Pathway.  A scriptuarally based document that defines levels os spiritual development as a man moves from coming to faith, moves on to spiritual adolescence, Spiritual adult, spiritual parent and spiritual leader.

Not a Fan: Becoming a completely Committed Follower of Jesus by Kyle Idleman. Each chapter is a yardstick for defining one’s relationship with Jesus.  Thought provoking.  A great resource for mentoring and small groups.  Download discussion questions.  


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