The Needs of Contemporary Men

Consider this ... 

 Men in America: 

  • 108 million men over 15 (est. 2003)
  • 66 million do not know Christ
  • Only 6 Million are being discipled
  • 72 million children under 18 will of which one third will go to bed without a biological father in the home
  • 40 percent of first marriages end in divorce affecting one million children each year
  • Thirty-three percent of children are born out of wedlock

Challenges Facing Men in the Church. For every ten men in the average church:

  • Nine will have children who leave the church
  • Eight do not find their jobs satisfying
  • Six will pay the monthly minimum on credit cards
  • Five have a major problem with pornography
  • Four get divorced affecting one million children each year
  • Only one will have a biblical worldview
  • All ten will struggle to balance family and work.

Walk with Christ

  • Regular disciplined time in the Word and prayer
  • Knowing how to study the Bible
  • How much time is needed to establish spiritual endurance?
  • Seeking the Lord's leadership
  • Overcome issues of the heart: being developmentally stuck, wounded, uncertainty of biblical manhood
  • Journaling that communication
  • Developing a biblical worldview
  • Overcome anger
  • Understand the need for discipling

Personal Vision

  • Clear Purpose
  • Understanding God's Call
  • A mission statement

Good Family Man

  • Involved - time with family
  • Models good moral values
  • Mentors their children
  • Clear understanding of Biblical masculinity
  • Spiritual leadership
  • Balanced life
  • Communication skills

Church Involvement

  • Accepting that the church is for menRegular input from ministry and fellowship
  • Service - ministry to others
  • Pastor support

Small Group - Being Mentored

  • Develop lasting value from ministry and the Word
  • Growth from truth shared among meaningful relationships
  • Building solid relationships and friends
  • Open communications of real needs
  • Accountability
  • Establishing an authentic relational connection with other men

Job Contentment

  • Fulfillment
  • Confidence
  • Joy and peace
  • Godly work by godly workers

Mentoring Others

  • Commitment to the mentoring process and the person being mentored
  • See the person being mentored as God sees them (potential) and affirm them
  • Accountability (confrontation)


  • Divine wisdom
  • Priorities
  • Overcoming business
  • Doing well across all compartments of their lives

Sources: Man in the Mirror research (2004); Survey of Alliance pastors and men's ministry leaders (2006); and Kloppmann, Karl W., A Men's Ministry for the Small Church, Xulon Press:2004, pgs 33-46.

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